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The Rex Cauble Story




AUGUST 15, 1913 - - JUNE 23, 2003





It is reported that before his death he was able to finish his

 autobiography telling "HIS SIDE OF THE STORY"

 and that is what this site is going to be about!

Not like those trash rugs that want to

make a buck on false facts. It is reported

that one of the local papers had nerve enough

to ask widow at the time of his death, if he made

deathbed confession to the crimes, the fact is

he still stated he was "INNOCENT MAN"!

When the autobiography becomes available,

 we will make sure you can find how to get it!

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The Rex Cauble family wants the public
 to know that ANY materials published under
 the title of "COWBOY MAFIA" is in NO way
sponsored or endorsed by the
 Rex Cauble family
in any manner or form !
Neither Rex Cauble or his family
was consulted in the writing of the
book named "Cowboy Mafia"!


Rex Cauble was a former cutting-horse champion
 who became chairman of the Texas Aeronautics
 Commission and an honorary Texas Ranger. Cutter
 Bill was World Champion in 1962. In 1978, Rex
 received the American Medical Center Research
Humanitarian Award for his efforts in finding a cure
for cancer. Rex's famous holdings were his Cutter
 Bill's Western Wear stores in Dallas and Houston,
 where Country and Western stars could be seen
shopping. Cutter Bill was introduced into the
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame on March 9,
He is survived by his wife, Anna Marie Cauble; sister,
 Crystelle Pully; stepdaughter, Sonya Hartley and her
 husband, Lyle; two granddaughters, Emily Marie and
 Alysa Victoria Hartley; aunt, Marion (Ducie) Cauble;
and niece, Nancy Irving and her husband John.

Rex Webb


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